Us Time!

Well it was long overdue! We have finally had some us time after a long while.

In Cornwall I was single mumming it while Mr K was living in Kent doing his single dad thing. We moved in together this April and although it's the best thing I've ever done, having 4 children around most of the time (my 2 all of the time) with no family near by for a little relief now and then has been hard work

We dropped the children half way to meet my Mum and sister who had planned a lovely long weekend with them in Cornwall. The boys had a long weekend planned with their Mum's family and we decided to make the most of our quality time together.

We started with breakfast out instead of getting up and making some cereal. It was only our local Morrison's but they make a lovely big breakfast with some proper apple juice too. We had to do some boring shopping after, but you can't ever fully escape adult life!

Later on in the day we booked tickets to see the new Ant Man and The Wasp film at the cinema. It was a brilliant film; we will definitely be buying it to watch at home when it's released. 

Mr K treated us to a lovely meal at Coast 2 Coast, an American themed resturant and bar straight after the film. My dinner was very healthy for me, I'm always limited because of my food intolerance which is so annoying but a nice juicy bit of tuna steak is always a treat so I was happy. 

We enjoyed a lovely stroll back to the car, well lovely for me, a little bumpy for poor Mr K in his wheelchair...oops! I snapped this lovely photo of the River Medway, it was still quite light when we left around 7pm but it was getting darker, yay nearly autumn! 

Afterwards Mr K made me get in the car behind the wheel and face a huge fear: driving.

I'm actually really proud of myself. It was terrifying. I have zero self confidence, my mum was an awful passenger and despite the fact I drove around plenty of times in a car of my own and my mum's car my confidence hit rock bottom after taking a corner too wide one day and it went up a slope getting stuck. It was really humiliating for me and, although we all make mistakes learning, it's one everyone still reminds me of and jokes about despite me never getting back behind the wheel ever again. 

Mr K got me back in the car and he believed in me. I was shaking head to toe afterwards but I think I'll be able to try more and more with him next to me and maybe one day I'll brave some actual lessons! 

I'm so grateful to my parents for having the kids for a few days, it was lovely having some time to rest and look after ourselves but doing it totally guilt free knowing they had such an amazing time too was even better. I'm not sure when the next opportunity will be so we fully enjoyed our break.