A-Z Challenge: D

D is for Date Nights

Our lovely cousins across the pond came up with this great idea called 'Date night,' where you and your partner spend some quality time together once a week or once a month. What you both decide to do is entirely your choice and there are so many ideas all over the internet.

My Husband and I are now big fans of date nights. Every Saturday evening we bath, dress and read a story to the children who settle within the hour on a good night. After that, Hubby will run to the local film store and grab a new DVD for us to watch while I prepare our weekly (almost traditional now!) meal of homemade fish and chips.

Are date nights something you and your partner enjoy doing together? I'd love to know what you plan every week/month whether it's big or small like our Saturday nights in.

Gluten and dairy free homemade battered fish with peas and chips. Absolutely delicious!