Times are Hard. Manners are Free

Mummy Barrows Ranty Friday
This week I have seen some things which just make me feel so annoyed at some peoples lack of manners. Every morning at school i'll hold a door for fellow mums dropping their children off at school. Most of the time they say their thanks, as do I when the favour is returned. There are a few mums however who think that holding a door for them, their offspring and their pushchair is part of my morning school run job description. I don't mind doing it. I will continue to do it because it is polite. A thank-you now and then
would be nice though.

Dog poop. Yes, if you walk your pooch, let it crap all over the pavements (and I am not over exaggerating here!) it is considered bad manners. I wouldn't dream of letting an animal defecate on a public walkway and then walk off allowing pushchair wheels to be wheeled in it, for elderly people to come close to putting their walking sticks in it and of course, allowing other adults and children to step in it. Lets face it, it's easy to pick up, takes less than 2 minutes and my dear dog walker, is polite.

Bus etiquette. I believe this has been touched upon today already so I won't go on too much. Just in general, when it comes to buses, let others off before you rush on, the driver can see you he will not put his foot down and disappear into the distance as soon as the departing passenger's foot hits the pavement.
Move seats when you can see someone (disabled/elderly) requires the necessary seats. Say thank-you to the bus driver. Alright, so I'm not the 'manner police' but is it really so hard to just say 'thanks'?

Finally I have to say the one thing that has actually really annoyed me today was the lady serving me in the local shopping store chomping away at her chewing gum whilst talking to me. She was lovely in general but my goodness is there anything more annoying? It is quite rude isn't it?
Am I just getting really old and grumpy?!
Let me know!