My Mum.

Has been married to my lovely Dad for 20 years. She's Mum to myself, my younger brother and younger sister. She's in her fifties but I don't think she looks it! She's funny, she's kind, she's always there. Like a Mother should be.

When I told my Mum I was pregnant I was 17. I don't think any mum wants to hear their daughter say the words 'I'm pregnant' when they haven't even finished college yet! Mum took it in her usual stride. She confided in me much later that she felt she had failed some how in parenting me when I ended up taking this path. I told her not to be so silly and that was it. No more was said and now I don't think she'd even remember that conversation.

Mum has always been there. Driving like a formula 1 racer when I was in labour with Little Man, sat by the sides of the birthing pool and prising her hand from my tight grip when I was having her Grand Daughter. She's always the first person I ask when I have a problem, when I'm not sure about something. We've always had this amazingly open relationship where we could talk about anything.
My Mum, like so many mums out there, really doesn't know how special she is. Life just wouldn't be right with without you Mum. I love you.
 Happy Mothers Day Mum xxxx


  1. Hannah, what a lovely tribute to your Mother! You are both fortunate to have each other.
    Happy Mother's Day to you, too.


  2. What a lovely post Hannah :-) x

  3. Ah such a lovely post! Sounds like you both had a wonderful, well-deserved mothers day!