Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Happy Easter everybody! Another week has gone so it's time to link up my photos for this weeks hunt. I'll be doing the A-Z blogging challenge in April so please hang on in there with me as I see if I can survive a post a day(which is rare for me!)

Onto this weeks Scavenger Hunt Sunday:


The sea was rough but the harbour was closed making for a rather more peaceful looking scene.


This chocolate bunny was full of mini beans...Until Little A got his hands on it


Grabbing some fresh air after Midge's parent's evening. They both grabbed some twigs each and pretended to be Harry Potter on the way home. Sweet.


I've dug this photo out of the archives because I love it. I would say it is a bit weathered from all the years being battered by the Cornish sea!


Nothing out of the ordinary for England. I love our big red phone boxes and would hate them to be painted another colour. In our town they have been painted black. Black! Speechless!