Pinaddicts Is Back!

For the first instalment of the Pinaddicts Challenge I'd like to show you my project I'm working on for 2013. I have always wanted to make some sort of journal or scrapbook instead of keeping up with long dairy entries which I usually end up forgetting!

I then came across this pin and thought I could do something just like this and i could stick, doodle and plod along with no need to worry about the fact my printer has bust and I don't have the money to buy pretty papers!

The idea is very simple. A box for every day of the month, filled in with a good memory of what happened on that particular day complete with doodles and all those little bits you collect through the great things you get up to.

Using a pencil and ruler I drew a box for every day of the week for the first month, filling the boxes with anything we got up to from birthdays and days out to the more relaxed 'pj days' and the down right rubbish days where it's a struggle to find something good! This book is positivity only, something which my personal dairy would lack.

I have used stickers and various embellishments to make certain days (such as Hubby's and Midges birthdays) stand out. I used coloured pens for a splash of brightness to an otherwise dull looking page and even stuck stamps from my pen pal in Lithuania.

Finally I've added those 'bits and bobs' I was talking about. There's the ticket to the aquarium we visited for Midges birthday treat, the train ticket from Hubby's birthday day out shopping, a drawing from Midge (which we'll do every month to see how her drawings change) and the stamp that was used on her homemade party invites.

Do join in or look at the other fab crafts that are going on over the Pinaddicts site!