My Thrifty New Year Thinking

I'm starting off the year fairly laid back. I won't lie, today I've been so laid back I've been horizontal. Kids have been running rings around me (or rather, in front of me) while I've taken it upon myself to lay down under a duvet and chill, only returning to the vertical position for the most necessary of tasks: naps, feeding, loo trips, you get the idea.

I'm quite a sensitive and up tight person. I always have been and always will be I dare say. I'll always be wondering what someone thinks of me or what will happen in certain situations and I'm always stressing about money (who isn't?) being a worrier is some what ingrained into my genes.

However, it's come to the new year and I've already made a few changes. I've sort of been bobbing along these last few days and I feel quite happy to be doing this. I feel pretty happy and content with things as nothing is wrong, nothing is bad. Sure, I'm shattered as anything with Little Man not sleeping well at all but if that's my only complaint then life is good no?

I've started off January by paying off all my bills and replenishing my savings account which although small is at least something. I used some today to pay for 2 tickets to Newquay aquarium which we're really looking forward to. We're going to be doing a pre birthday treat for Midge as well as it being a great opportunity from Tots100, so I'm looking forward to that.

I've also made a 2 week meal plan! I know, I'm way behind in the whole meal plan thing. We used to do one all the time but then I got bored of the fussiness from my children and my dietary restrictions so gave it up in favour of hunting the cupboards every night. Stupid really.
We went just over the budget this week so not too bad but not ideal. Still, feeding your family, buying a bit of bargain party food and baby nappies is pretty good for around £54.

Midge helped me to make homemade pizza tonight!

The other thing I'm going to do this year is to make or buy most of the presents for birthdays and one off occasions second hand. I won't be able to buy for everyone I know in such a thrifty way, but if you have someone like my teapot collecting mad mum then you can be sure to find some treasures in your local charity stores that are often brand new but unwanted gifts. This isn't to everyone's taste, but I like to be thrifty. If its good enough for me then it's good enough for my family!

Some other changes we have are: turning off our tv and phones for a couple of hours every Sunday for some family time, even a nice walk. I've started a journal of the year 2013 which I'm really excited about.

Hope you've all made some thrifty, family plans for 2013? Do share your thoughts with me!



  1. The journal sounds like a lovely idea :) I use to meal plan but found I hardly ever stuck to it as I never fancied what I had planned

  2. I love your journal idea! I wish I was a person able to fill one in without stopping after a few pages. Would be a wonderful book of memories xx