Photo a Day January Round Up

I've been doing my photo a day rather quietly as last year I gave up around May and felt a bit annoyed with myself. This year however, I'm not looking at is a challenge but more something to look for in my day..whatever the prompt may be! So here's to January:

1)Today: We had beautiful sunshine to wake up to on New Years Day which was perfect.

2)Something New: I've decided to start a journal of 2013, a bit like those life journals that I see a lot. This is a lot more manageable for me though!

3)Heart: My favourite cushions

4)The View from Here: My boy sitting on the other end of the sofa just before bedtime

5)Movement: I started the 30 Day Shred this month!

6)Street: My street at night, very quiet on this occasion.

7)Mine: This lemon meringue pie was mostly eaten by ME because it was MINE!

8)Something Beginning with T: Toes!

9)Paper: A letter written to me from my Lithuanian penpal Monika.

10)One O'Clock: In the afternoon I sat down with a lovely hot chocolate. I think it was a particularly chilly day this one.

11)Water: Rain poured on us during the morning school run. Luckily we had our trusty brollies!

12)Surprise: we took Midge to the aquarium as a surprise birthday treat. This croc was also a surprise because he looked fake!

13)Circle: My beautiful wedding ring

14)Something Yellow: Party bags for Midges Rainbow party

15)An Ordinary Moment: The school run

16)Two Things: Party bag favours. A teddy for the youngest and lollies for the older children

17)Ready: Midges birthday cake all ready to be shown off to the Birthday Girl!

18)Shadow: The shadow of my ice cream bowl

19)Delicious: My dinner was so tasty!

20)Something you saw: Midges Cinderella doll

21)What You Do: I get to lay in with my babies (some days) I do love being a stay-at-home Mum!

22)Corner: Daddy on the corner of the bed with Little Man


24) Stripes: The rather funky train doors of the Virgin Train we travelled on

25) Landscape: I walked home from my massage and passed this beautiful graveyard. I thought it was a good shot for this prompt.

26) Together: My hand linked together with Midges

27) Sun: Due to alack of the big ball in the sky, I settled with a yellow flying saucer..because I can..

28) Through: Looking through a heart hanging I have you can see a photo of my nephew and niece plus my lovely wall art.

29) Grow: Little Mans nails grow so quick! He loves having them cut though so Daddy takes the clippers to then regularly

30) Down: Me being very quiet after finally being able to go downstairs, leaving the night monkeys to their sleep

31) Yourself: Hard one today as I don't feel in the mood! But here I am in all my edited glory.

I'm looking forward to Februarys Photo A Day now. Are you?

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  1. well done, I am doing the 365, having done 366 last year, but no good with well done you. I join in with some though I came looking for todays and cant see it.