Reasons To Be Cheerful

So here we are. Friday. The week hasn't ended in such a great way in all honesty. Not long until Christmas and my washing machine has decided to go bust. On the positive side we have the money to replace it. On the not so positive side, said money is from our 'holiday' (read Honeymoon) fund which isn't all that much of a fund to begin with in all honesty! Oh well, clean clothes are a necessity and maybe we can recover the loss!
It's certainly time to look for some cheerfulness in my week that's for sure!

1) I've started my making Christmas cards. I've chosen a really fiddly idea which isn't ideal but now I've started I can't stop can I? It's on my bucket list to make all my Christmas cards one year and I thought I'd make that this year. Coming along nicely no?

The start of my beaded Christmas cards

2) I had a parents meeting tonight at Midge's school. She's doing really well and I'm so proud of her. She's settled in great, is friendly, kind and helpful and loves to help the teachers. Her phonics is a little slow but her teacher has told me she isn't concerned because she feels once Midge picks it up she'll be well away. Apparently she loves maths which I have noticed at home! 
Well done Midge!

Doing some maths measuring homework....
and smiling? Weird child!

3) I baked cupcakes for the schools cake sale and they ALL SOLD! I was so happy! I haven't mentioned that everyone has been eating wheat, gluten and dairy free cupcakes because the committee Mums would mention it or label them and then people ignore them because they can eat 'normal' cakes. Well, they ate mine thinking they were normal! Result! I also made some last night for todays Children In Need and I was informed at parents evening that the children loved them. Not one left (I was a tad disappointed as I was hungry!!)

4) I have done some decorating in the house and it feels so nice and homely at the moment. I can't wait to pop my Christmas decorations up this year and make the place feel warm.

Now what I really need, is a nice long lay in, my washer to miraculously repair itself and my Husband to not get so drunk tomorrow that he can't find his way home!



  1. My washing machine broke last week too! My husband googled the make and model and found a DIY fix it website - he followed the instructions and managed to fix it for us! I only had to deal with two kitchen floods in the process! :-) Maybe worth a try? xx

    1. Dang it always happens before Christmas! I did as you said but this machine is just dead. Bums. New one tomorrow! Thanks for your comment Emma xx

  2. Ohh shame about the washing machine but loving your cards. Mich x

  3. Oh no how typical about the washing machine...ours has been sounding very dodgy so hoping it hangs on for a bit! Love your cards! x

    1. Typical it is! Ill keep my fingers crossed for you! xx