Pinaddicts Return! August

I was really struggling with Pinaddicts this month but as I was racking my brain wondering what I could do that wouldn't eat up too much time I received an e-mail in my inbox from a craft swap I had signed up to a few months ago. This was ideal so I went into my Pinterest account, had a good browse through my Pinaddicts folder keeping in mind what my swap partner would appreciate and love and well.

As my swap partner enjoys baking this was the perfect idea for her! I bought a case from The Works which was in the sale.
I bought some cake cases, a few extra gifts as part of the swap instructions and bought a select few toppings from my favourite local sweet shop. This included some Cornish fudge which I chopped up (perfect for a vanilla cupcake topping), some mini marshmallows, roasted and chopped hazelnuts for a chocolate and hazelnut cookie and some chocolate buttons. Yummy! I put all these in cellophane type bags to keep them fresh on their journey. Here is the finished result! Complete with some little flags for a real tea party theme!
To add a personal touch I hand made a little card with 2 mini envelopes. Inside I popped a little peice of paper, one with a recipe for a cookie mix I always use and one for a lovely fudge icing.

Pinaddicts now has a lovely new site all of its own so please head on over to check out all the other entrants here!