First Day Success

''First day at school: When I grow up I want to be a
Today my Little Miss (also affectionately known as 'Midge' until she grows taller than me) attended her first full day of school. Yep, my beautiful baby girl is actually an ever growing 4 year old taking her first steps into the world of education. I'm really excited for her.

I loved school and even when I started finding things difficult later on with bullying I still loved to learn. English, history and art were among my favourite lessons and I think that was reflected in my overall results in year 11. I hope this is the beginning of a love for learning for my Midge.

We thought we'd do something different to mark the beginning of her learning journey. After we had all eaten breakfast and got dressed I set about doing the usual 'Mum' thing and took lots of photos of my baby girl on her first day. I then sat down and noticed my chalk board. A while ago I was going through Pinterest and I found, but never 'pinned' this cute little idea to write what year your child is going into. I thought I'd make it a bit different and ask Midge what she wanted to be when she grows up!

She said 'maker' and upon further questioning she explained that she wanted to make things like cupcakes. 'Oh! A baker?' I said. 'Yes Mum that's what I said, a maker!' *Big sigh.* We took a few successful shots but she fell in the toy box on our second one so, naturally, I had to include it in my blog. 

Finally, just before leaving I got this lovely photo of both my babies together. Midge is a very proud big sister which is just lovely to see. Little Man missed her today which I thought he would being they've made a lot of noise the past six weeks!

As for Little Man, we kept him occupied by having a quiet breakfast before the late morning rush of Mummy meet ups! He really enjoyed dipping into ketchup which went everywhere!

How did your Little (or not so little) Ones get on with their first day back?