A Change of Scenery

You know when you stay in the same place for just too much time you start getting a bit fed up? That's how I felt on Friday so I called Mum and said instead if coming to mine, how about I come to you with the children? So a plan is a plan and myself, Midge and Little Man set off about 11ish on Saturday morning to Mum's and Dad's place leaving the Husband behind to play his football match.

It was so good to be somewhere more peaceful. To be able to pop to the local charity store with my sister and be able to leave the house open because no one comes around and it's much safer. I live in the town so there are obvious reasons I don't do this! Mum and Dad live just up the road from a harbour in a lovely village. Although I couldn't live in their house (it's too small for me, I find it 'pokey' in some places) it's such a lovely place to escape to for a bit.
Here is my purchase of the day although sadly missing the final doll it brings back a bit of my childhood and it's lovely to watch Midge play with them.

I managed to use my Dad's computer to upload my wedding photos which I am really pleased with so now I can send them off for printing. There are some lovely photos which will make nice Christmas gifts too which will come in very handy! I made some lunch for everyone, a very new dish chucked together consisting of mushrooms, cream and pasta. Dad grows a lovely herb garden so he suggested I use some of the fresh Rosemary instead of the dry bought stuff I use at home. It really topped it off!

A lovely wedding snap
I sat outside with the children watching them play. Midge was digging in the garden a bit, Little Man was on the rocking horse which is now nearly 23 years old but due to lack of space lives in the green house in his old age. He's still going strong!

It was really good to spend a bit of time with my sister because in roughly 3 weeks she'll be off to university and not back until December so it'll be weird but I'm sure it won't be that hard to get used to. We're all signing up to Skype now which is great. Mum and I are sorting out a little something to give her before she leaves which hopefully she will love but I can't tell you any more as she has recently followed my blog!

I had a lovely day and the change of scenery did a lot of good, not to mention the fresh air. When I arrived home the children were so tired they didn't fight bedtime which meant Husband and I got some quality time together. We looked through our wedding photos, had a late dinner (I was naughty and went for my pasta and mushroom dish again!) Husband had an even naughtier pizza. We watched some TV, had a nice chat and I gave him a good massage to soothe his poor pulled muscles! I got a back tickle in return so it's not all bad! Oh and had a rather yummy toffee apple- I must  get some of these in for Halloween!

I hope you all had a good weekend what ever you got up to. Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday and while I'm saying goodbye, how about popping over and signing up to my Mug Swap? It's always lovely to receive a gift in the mail!



  1. DD and I both love my matryushka dolls - I wrote a whole post about them a few months ago.

    1. Ooo i'll have to find that post! I really love them too a bit gutted about the final one missing but still, not something i see in charity shops often!