America Day!

I've been a bit off the radar with this impending wedding of mine and I'm definitely missing my blog so I'm back to write up a couple of posts which will probably be it until after the wedding, we'll see.

Last weekend Little Miss, Little Man and I had an 'America Day!' During the summer holidays I have made a point to still make sure there is some learning to our fun (well, sometimes- lazy days are pretty good too!)

We started off our America Day with making flags. I printed some flags off and asked Little Miss what the colours of the flag were (expecting to have to tell her) and was surprised when she said 'red, white and blue Mum!' Now, I think she may have chose those colours because of the fact our flag has been paraded around everywhere (including the bunting in my kitchen!) but who am I to argue? After all, she was right!

We made the flags and talked about America. We put on some fake accents which was very funny, Little Miss was in fits of giggles (evidently I don't put on a convincing American accent!) we discussed various states and I explained to her about all the stars on the flag. That was enough for a 4 year old I thought!

We then took ourselves to the kitchen to bake a fantastic recipe mailed to me by Reecea who blogs at Fresh juniper. She very kindly shared with me a delicious Peach Cobbler recipe. We put our Cobbler together and once done it was the first treat on our table!
To the table we added some chips, hot dog sausages and buns, an American potato salad and pasta dish plus some marshmallows and Hursheys chocolate syrup. very yummy!

Peach Cobber, soya ice cream and home made banana ice cream!

Fruit Flag!
The children tucked in more than ever before so I reckon our America Day was small, but fun and more importantly- a big success!!

We're currently deciding on what country is next, we think we might go with China Day which would be good. However, lets get this wedding over with first!

Would you have a 'Country Learning Day'? I'd love to know if you do!


Fresh Juniper said...

I love it Cupcake!!!! Awesome idea:) Love your daughter's face paint and the cobbler and everything!!!

Jennifer Jain said...

I think that having a day for different countries is a great idea, I must definitely do that! My son is just starting to grasp the idea of different countries, I think they've been doing something Olympic related at pre-school because he keeps coming home and announcing that he has a new favourite country - so far France, Russia and Spain!

Unknown said...

What a brilliant idea and Little Miss looks great with her face paint on. Good luck with the wedding! xx

Unknown said...

Great idea - I'm going to start this with my little ones - I bet E suggests Japan first! xx

James said...

Oh my gosh. Hannah, your children absolutely adorable. Happy America Day, Little Miss & Little Man! America loves you back. :)

Hannah said...

Thanks James! We're glad to hear that! :)

Hannah said...

The cobbler was so tasty Thanks again! x

Hannah said...

It was a lot of fun actually and not too much hassle which is always good! I think China is next on the list for us but the summer hols are quickly coming to an end! x

Hannah said...

We've got China next!