My Fifty Shades Of Parenthood-

I'm tired. Oh my I'm so tired. I close my eyes, tilting my head back slightly. I have to keep going, have to. No one else will clean these floors after all. As I scrub this mornings spilt breakfast offerings from the floor, I sense a presence. The children are in the garden playing happily. Oh! I bite my lip, turning slowing around. There he is, my man, kneeling down to meet my eyes- blue eyes into deeper blue eyes. 
Slowly he wraps his pudgy, sausage fingers around my wrists, his smile making me melt. I get a waft of his scent. Mmm Rightguard....He looks at me, smiling softly. "Go, I'll scrub the floors. Here," he hands me fifty pounds, shaking his head as if to stop my protest before it has even began.
" Go to the shops. Go on, it's a lovely day, I'll look after the children while you hit the early summer sales," I feel giddy inside. Fifty pounds? Early summer sales?

I've spent a few hours alone, had lunch in my favourite cafe and  now I return home, armed with bags mostly full of children's items but who cares?  I've had fun! I bite my lip as my hand rests on the door knob. What scene will greet me when I open this door? I suppress my nerves, letting myself in slowly. The house is clean, a delicious aroma floats from the kitchen.
" You're home," The Man grins. My man, I smile as I think to myself. 
" Where are the children?" 
" Your mother came by, wanted to spend some time with them. Took them for the night," he grins at me, slowly walking back to attend his business in the kitchen.  I watch as he stirs the dinner.
" It's got a while yet. Go to the bathroom," he orders.
For once I do as I'm told. Walking in the room it is dark except for a few candles. A mountain of bubbles has erupted from the bath tub. My eyes light up and for the first time in a long time I can see what will happen. 
I bite my lip as I sink slowly into the hot water. Oh this is good. No children, no draft, no audience. I'm in heaven.

As I leave I am hit by an extraordinary site. Have I inhaled too much lavender perhaps? His eyes are burning. His smile large. " Isn't this wonderful?" The Man asks. 
"Mmm, yes," I smile. Dinner sits on the table, heat pouring into the air. I smile warmly at his efforts, enjoying his delicious meal for 2.
" Oh yes," I bite my lip. " Indeed."

Ohh naughty CupcakeMumma! This post has been written up as part of Mummy365's #50shadesOfParenthood. It's a bit of fun, a bit of a laugh and i enjoyed breaking out of my Mummy Box for a few minuets!