A Little Catch Up

I've decided to do a weekly look back at what my Little Ones have been getting up to. After all, they grow so quick...

Little Miss
This week has been a pretty wet and miserable week hasn't it? We bought Little Miss some new wellies for the weather as she seems to have shot up a shoe size already!
Now when we walk to school she's only too happy to slip them on and enjoy the puddles outside! In this photo we're walking back from nursery across the bridge that runs over the railway tracks, Little Miss loves to take this little detour as when we have Little Man we can't get up the steps!

This week Little Miss has finally talked about starting to go dry at night. At 4 a lot of children are already dry but that doesn't mean my daughter should be too. Now she's discussing what to do at night with me and asking me questions, I know it is time to fetch some good, waterproof sheets from the shop and start with some night training. As wit potty training, Little Miss showed us the way, and that's how I intend it to be this time too. Despite what some may say...

Finally, Little Miss found out which class she'll be in when she starts school in September. She is currently flitting between being really excited then realises she'll be leaving some friends behind who are sadly not the same age as herself. For the most part though, she understands she'll make new friends, still see her old ones at playtime and I've promised her a day out shopping for new school bits. The school shop was always the best bit of my holiday as I loved prepping for school! (I loved having my parents spending money on me more like!)

Little Man
Little Man has been up to no good this week. If he can find a way he'll use it and boy has he been crafty this week! He's totally trashed my well organised cupboard, he's crawled into the saucepan cupboard after chucking each and every pan on the floor.
Changing his nappy is like wrestling a mighty bear-he becomes the total opposite of his happy, smiley self and turns into some screaming beast incredibly angry at this whole 'bum changing' business. I find myself totally bribed out and have narrowly escaped poo on my fingers..for now...

On a more positive and less mischievous note, we popped Little Man in his first pair of trainers and took him out for his first short walk. Once safely inside the store he ran amok clearly elated at his new found freedom. I can see my patience being tested badly with this Little bundle of gorgeousness I just hope it doesn't last long! He looked so small walking between myself and Other Half but it made my heart melt to see him getting used to his new shoes.

What have your little ones been up to this week? Hope your week ahead is a bright one (even if the weather is not!)


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