Ah another wet and windy day here in Cornwall! I'm sure the sun is lurking somewhere, just wish it would stop playing games! I have the thought that maybe we may have to just accept than our summers are going to be a little less like summer? Hopefully with less rain next year but you never know!

I have also come down with a stinker of a cold which is bloody annoying with so much to do! I aim to get my bottom down the Church tomorrow to actually pay some of our wedding fee off! I also have to present my change of name certificate so that will be a nice scrabble around in the morning (i could do it now but where's the fun in that?)

However, I have finished my bridesmaids flowers. They are all arranged how I'd like them and on the Big Day they will just need neatening up from being stored and then a slight spritz of my favourite perfume to make them smell divine! (here's a sneak peak)

I've been taking part in Photo A Day July which I'm actually really enjoying. You'll notice I stopped doing my Project365 2 months ago. I hit a rough patch and missed too many days. Besides, I simply couldn't use photos that were not taken on the day itself, it felt wrong. That will be a project for next year I think.

Ive signed up to 2 craft swaps and a Mug swap with the lovely Kat who blogs at Kat Sighs. I've bought her mug already and am just waiting for it to arrive so I can 'pretty' it up before posting next weekend!

My neighbours have been adding their complaints about the club so I am still hopeful of our fight to make sure this night club doesn't open again.

I've also started a history book challenge. I have to read and review 4 books through July. I'm pleased my first book is the one I wanted most to kick me off. Look out for a review soon! I've started a new page on my blog called 'What I'm Reading' starting with Fifty Shades of Grey which I've totally fallen for.

I hope you are all well and are also planning lots to for the coming months come rain or shine! To my American friends- I hope you had a wonderful day of celebration yesterday!
 I'll be blogging soon about my plans for Little Miss and myself during the up coming summer holidays. For now though, we have an inset day tomorrow so i think we may spend the day stocking up on our craft box for the holidays and chilling out.


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