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I'm not so sure I'm a 'Yummy Mummy' but I know I'm an okay Mummy! In the looks department that is, I'm not all slum it and don't care but equally I don't believe in putting make up on every day but more just when I feel like it. I've been tagged by Kat at Kat Sighs to take part in this meme.

Anyway, the lovely Bex from BusyBeeMummyBex has created this Yummy Mummy Meme which is a bit of fun. I like a good meme. All you have to do is post the rules, answer the questions in as much detail as possible and then tag 3 more people to carry the meme on not forgetting to link to their blogs of course!

Don't forget to pop a comment here and Tweet #YummyMummy when sharing! Enjoy.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
I lie there for about 5-10 minuets listening to Little Miss and Man playing together which is always so sweet. I find it really hard to get up in the morning, the children are always awake before me and over the summer holidays we're in for a few early mornings to practise for the big school run!

Do you shower daily? Are you an early morning shower or evening bath type?
I bath once in a blue moon. Since having children I just don't enjoy them so much and find it hard to relax. As Other Half works evenings I can't have a nice bath as I wouldn't be able to hear the children and 2 little monkey's walking in during a day bath isn't so relaxing! I'm definitely a daily shower type but I'll shower any time during the day for over 30 minutes easily and sometimes I'll shower twice!

Do you wear make up daily?
Nope, I never wore make up in school and I'm used to my eye bags! I have nice, soft sensitive skin and go very orange with any type of cover up as I'm so pale! I don't want spots thanks and I'd be prone to them with make up! I wear it on the odd occasion or when I feel like it.

What's in your make up bag?
Hand creams, nail polish, curlers and mascara and some lip balm plus a few other nick knacks.

When you're having a slummy mummy day, what do you normally wear?
Usually I'll be in my boot slippers which are so fluffy and warm, some pj bottoms and a lose top. If i know I'm not going out at all I often wear Other Half's t-shirt or hoody, they're big and cosy!

Nails. How often do you get them done?
However tempted I have been I have never had my nails done professionally. I feel incredibly intimidated by beauty salons and hate walking in them! I'll be getting them done for my wedding though, just a nice manicure I think. I couldn't have those silly long nails I'd scratch the children to bits! I love to have pamper evening ad painting, filing, shaping me nails is part of my fun!

Your top tip for tired eyes?
Pop two teaspoons in the fridge for a short while so they're really, really cold. Put them under your eyes, does make them feel a bit better!

Are you a Starbucks or Costa Coffee kind of girl?
Neither! I much prefer making a nice hot chocolate with soya milk and lots of Cadburys chocolate powder. Yummy!

How many children do you have/want and why?
I have 2 children a boy and girl with a great age gap. Little Miss is 4 and Little Man nearly 17 months now. Time goes so fast. I really don't enjoy pregnancy but can't help feeling there may be a number 3 in a few years time. I'm not 100% though and have no plans to actively try for another one. I believe in what will be will be and I have 2 healthy, happy children I have already been blessed with.

Where is you favourite place to shop for babies/children's clothes?
I actually can't really stretch to 'decent' clothes (sometimes it's a case of being too tight and not wasting my money on clothes that last less than a year!) I actually get most of the children's clothes from charity shops. The local shops here are really good for quality clothes, sometimes unworn and at bargain prices. Otherwise I'll grab a sale item from stores I don't usually buy from because of pricing.

Flats or heels, your everyday shoes are?
Flats. I'm even having them on my wedding day now as I can't stand my wedding shoes. They were really pretty but I gave them to my charity store who I'm sure can sell them on.

3 People I'm tagging
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Have fun!

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  1. Great read and glad I'm not the only one that gets dressed to go out lol xx