Day 8/31 What's in you Handbag?

I thought I'd go for the honest approach here so I didn't even clean my bag out to pretend I didn't have items such as broken biscuits (not pictured!) lids and lolly pop sticks.
I carry a big bag around on the buggy like most parents but now little man is a bit older I have gained back a bit of me and my love of handbags with a nice one from Accessorize...Still there are nappies, wipes and what not in there though! No escape from baby paraphernalia evidently!

- My handbag (stuffed with an empty pop bottle to prop it up!)
- My purse which I love, covered in cupcakes
- Phone, pink of course
- Reusable bag, with pink on (you're getting the theme here right?)
- handy hair tie, Little Miss always seems to pull hers out and loose it before school
- DS Game for emergency boredom
- My rubbish I spoke of
- Ketchup sachets- as these get thrown away instead of restocked Other Half makes use of them
- Prescription
- Paracetamol (which I always make sure I have)
- Tin of little medicines (spare pain killers, heartburn tablets that kind of thing)
- Nappy, bags and wipes
- Stamps, large receipt for our Wii we're paying off (albeit slowly) and a random puzzle piece
- My camera, the one which isn't too big and heavy to annoy me!

It's oddly interesting to have a peek into someone else's bag like this as it's not something you'd actually do in 'real life'..well i wouldn't anyway!


  1. Wow that's a lot of stuff! BUT everything you need all in one place. Cute bag too :) xxx

    1. Thank you Vikki :) lol I thought it was a lot until I saw a lot of the other entries!! X

  2. Love the cupcake wallet!

  3. Cute! I love all of the pink.

  4. I carry a reuseable shopping bag too. And I also love pink. :)

    1. They're very handy aren't they :) thank you I live pink for sure!

  5. if you love pink you'll love my bag!! haha your wallet is super cute

    1. Oh I'm off to see your bag now! Thank you pure lucky find! (and impulse buy) x