Day 7/31- Your Pet Hates

Hmm, my pet hates. I think many people share the same hates to be honest so apologies if you're reading things that have been said a million times already!

- People not holding doors open- especially when you have a pushchair
- People who have no manners in general
- People who are really, really late
- When Other Half constantly taps his feet. He does this as he's playing the playstation and i hate it!
- People who play loud music at night, whether it's in a house or a car at night I'm trying to relax!
- Coughing without a hand being put over your mouth
- My tins and cupboards being moved so nothing is 'right' (labels facing forward etc)
- Dirty or really damp hand towels in the bathroom
- Messy (in my house only)or dirty kitchen sides (in anyone's house)
- Tea stains on my kitchen side and the spoon left sat there instead of in the wash bowl

There's a select few, I can't really think of many more things I'd describe as 'pet hates', maybe more a dislike but these are the things that really get me.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Crickey, I could of written those. Agree with all of them xx

  2. Great list, i'm with you on most of those xx