Day 10/31- Best Physical Feature

First of all I'd like to apologise for lack of blogging to any regular readers (thanks for not unfollowing by the way) and also for my seeming lack of interest in the challenge. I'm not disinterested I'm just so tired and have had 2 poorly (one teething) children for a whole week. My anxiety has also reached a frickin point of hideousness where I am in danger of becoming a total recluse.

Anyway, onto today's prompt: What is your best physical feature?

I love my eyes. They are one of my best features I believe but only when my lashes are curled. I have such long, straight eyelashes that just go right back down despite curling and mascara (this is where you bestow on me your amazing tips for me!). But yes, when the lashes are curled I look wide awake and much better!

Also my feet. I love feet and when mine are not all hot and swollen I think they look nice! Especially with some nice pink polish, can't beat a nice bit of foot pampering. I think you should really love your feet, I'd hate to loose them.

Cupcake Mumma

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