Photos From The Garden

I haven't been out with my camera for a while. I haven't felt like it to be honest.
I wish I was stuck still in January where my creative juices were flowing like crazy and I was so happy but times have been a bit tough (hectic!) with wedding plans and remembering all sorts of life's other essentials I've just had my creativity stunted.

I often feel a bit funny going out with my camera espicaially my bigger one. I'm still getting used to people looking at you as if you're a bit nuts when you whip a camera out to photo a building, a bird, a flower, the sky whatever has caught the eye but i'm sure it's something i'll learn not to give two hoots about.

Today though I ventured out into my back garden, camera at the ready to see if there was anything out there I could shoot. What do you know? There was! Yesterday a large purple towel of mine had blown down onto my flower patch and after lifting it up the period of one nights damp and dark had given way to a few rather odd looking mushrooms. Before removing for safty purposes I had to grab a few shots. After the mushrooms you couldn't stop me! Enjoy...

I saw my Sweet Williams looking worse for wear but this seems okay. I did find a rather tiny slug having a nibble so had to send him on his way! I love catching water on plants and I love this shot because of the different shades of green.

I like how the edges have been caught here. I don't really know what it is but I really like this shot.

On my fence there are few of these rusty looking objects. I love the pattern that has formed over time with the rusting.

Using a 'Super Macro' mode I managed to capture such detail in the keyhole on my back door. I am really pleased with this photo.

Finally I saw a redundant looking plant pot and decided I rather liked it. My camera did too.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Lovely photos, especially like the mushroom ones! I think your creativie juices are back :-) Xx

    1. Hi Nadine thanks for the comment and yes, I believe you are right! xx

  2. Some lovely photos! You're right, I'm sure that you'll get used to using the camera out and about, and you'll probably notice lots of other people doing the same!

    1. Thank you Jennifer I think you're right eventually I'll build up my confidence! xx