Have a Wonderful Mothers Day with Albelli

Look what came through the post for me this evening (yes this evening!) a nice big package- how exciting! Although I knew this parcel was coming I was still eagerly awaiting its arrival.

I spent a little while going through Albelli's site thinking which gift would be the best gift for Mothers Day. Of course this wasn't too hard when I thought 'what would I really like'? A canvas photo of my children of course!

I have a canvas photo of my Little Miss and to say I was disappointed with it would be an understatement so you can imagine how tense I was when opening this package! I shouldn't have worried though and here's why:

I mean how beautiful is that? My photo has been placed onto canvas and it doesn't look stretched or grainy at all, not like my other one (from a different company). I loved it so much that the placement of my new piece of art was a no-brainer. I have placed it in my lounge on my once bear wall where it looks lovely.

I would highly recommend Albelli for their photo service but also for their customer service too. My order came within 7 days as specified, I could track my order, had regular updates and my canvas itself was well protected from the risk of damage during handling.

If you're thinking of what to buy for Mothers Day then why not have a look at Albelli's site www.Albelli.co.uk for some fantastic, personal ideas for that special woman in your life.To make sure you get your order in time for Mothers Day make sure you place it  by the 15th March!

Cupcake Mumma

* I received a voucher from Albelli to chose my own item to review. All views and opinions and my own*

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  1. Owww hun how adorable is that! You must be so chuffed with it, what a lovely treat! x