What Family Means To Me:

I grew up in Gloucestershire with my Mum, Dad, my younger brother and my younger sister. I got on extremely well with my mother and I still do being the more sensitive of the 3 of us. My sister and I grew up virtually inseparable because we shared a bedroom until I left home at 18. Even when i became engaged and pregnant to my partner, she was on the top bunk in our bedroom us on the bottom! Poor love.

My brother has always been difficult to get along with simply because he has always been one to prefer his own space, his own company. He's a very intelligent, witty person who would prefer to spend time on his computers and studying to watching television and joining the family natters. I can't say I don't blame him. We get on much better now simply through age, although we always got on, all 3 of us playing games and creating art out of our clothes and accessories, he has always been closer to my younger sister. I don't mind this at all.

My Dad and I had a odd sort of relationship. One which was constantly being built up and knocked down again by either my teen angst and stubbornness or his lack of being able to listen to a word I said for many years.
Thankfully we get on brilliantly now. We listen to each other, we talk and I feel such a love from my Dad that many people don't feel from their own. I know he cares about each of us, and he shows it more. I think that's what we always wanted. As he has gotten older he has become funnier, wittier, more relaxed. I love learning his endless knowledge of anything and everything, and if I have a question of any kind I know exactly who to ask be it about bills, value for money, work problems, a tricky company, how to write a formal letter (especially a complaint) and a whole host of other things!

Family to me is about being there for each other. My Mum and Dad slept on a futon for almost a year and had my partner and I in their bed after I gave birth just so we had space of our own. Was it difficult? Oh yes it was really hard sometimes, but I think we all learnt something from that experience.

Family isn't about gossipping behind people's backs which is oh to familiar these days. It is about offering support, being there in any way possible. It's my immediate family that mean the most to me, as  I would think with most people it is the same. I don't know other family members incredibly well, some are almost strangers. I'm happiest when I am with those I know very well, or at least those of my family who make me feel like family, instead of people who have just wondered in randomly from the outside.
My family- My Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Other Half, My 2 beautiful babies, My Aunt, My Gran and a select few I hold dear, and they know who they are. I love you very much. You mean the world to me.
Other Half, newborn Little Man and Little Miss
My siblings and I at a special occasion 10,8,6yrs
See? Reading a book at a family Christening!
Little Miss and Little Man dote on one of their best Aunties
My wonderful Father with my beautiful son x

The best Grandma my children could have x
 I've written this post for Clic Sergants Do Something Yummy Campaign which I have just signed up to online to get some money raised for this wonderful charity supporting children and their families going through cancer. If you have a post to share please pop on over to Nickie at Typcast to link up and read more lovely family stories.
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  1. What a lovely post! Just found you here while blog hopping, I have been looking for some interesting Mummy bloggers! I have enjoyed reading some of your posts today and just thought I'd say hello!

    1. Hi Kelly! Thanks for joining :) Thank you so much for such a lovely comment and very nice to 'meet' you :) x

  2. Hannah, I just discovered this blog site after receiving a postcard from you (PostCrossing.com). You have a beautiful family. It was a real pleasure reading your blog. By all means, please keep writing!

    1. Oh hello James, I was going reply to your lovely e-mail. Im glad you recieved the postcard! Thank-you so much for your comment and for supporting my blog. Hannah

  3. A really lovely post and beautiful photos, thanks so much for supporting #dosomethingyummy