A New Addition

The gift has been sat on the table for just over a week. Little Miss has awoken every day with the same question. Facebook has been inundated with requests to know if 'it' has happened yet. Well, 'it' has.

At 11 o'clock last night my sister in law to be finally gave birth to her beautiful baby girl and the fourth addition to an already blooming gorgeous set of children. We have all been waiting on the edge of our seats when finally the call that Little One had arrived came.

She made up for all her waiting with a very quick birth.
 There are now lots of people waiting to stare and cuddle this bundle, including me. I can't wait to give my present that has taken me long enough to make. Every time I look at it I'm at risk of moving something, adding something, subtracting something but really I must not.

Of course, I wasn't prepared enough to get a card. I thought buying one early may be jinxing things and would perhaps some how add to the waiting game. I may as well have bought one though.
Just after 2 o'clock today we are heading over (sadly minus Other Half as he has overtime) to see Little One and we are all very excited.

Little Miss has made a total of 3 cards. One for her Aunt and Uncle, one for Little One and one for her 3 favourite cousins, just to say how much she can't wait to play with them all properly-including some rough and tumble with Little One and Little Man.

Of course, I also feel a little sad today. Little Man is One this Sunday which is always a birthday of mixed emotions for many parents. On the one hand you're super excited and planning a wonderful day (which we have) and on the other it feels like they're not babies anymore. To say the truth they're not babies anymore are they? They are entering the world of the toddler. Joy.

Also with a brand new, squidgy little bundle of joy it means my Little Man is no longer the baby of the family. Further conformation that he is growing up. Still, even when he's 18, and he'll cringe just as much as I do when  my Mum says it to me, he'll still be my baby boy.


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