Pretty.Little.Things Favourite Winter Accessory

Last week I participated in this new meme from MummyDaddyandmemakesthree.. and Dear Beautiful Boy. Last week we saw lots of newborn outfits which was great. I love cooing over cute little newborns and as my niece is staying firmly in her mothers' womb for the 40th week I shall probably take another sneak peek at my son in his coming home outfit haha!

Anyway, on to this week. We are posting pictures this week of our favourite winter accessory be it a hat, scarves, wellies or a nice cosy snow suit. I've gone for hats this week as my 2 little ones love wearing their hats, they're so alike and of course, hats speak winter to me more than anything. I practically live in mine after all!

Why not link your photos up by clicking the lovely badge below and showing off your favourite winter accessory? It doesn't have to be your child's either, there could be something rather nice of yours!



lucy at dear beautiful said...

Those hats are both gorgeous. I love them. I wish it was okay for me to wear a hat with ears and a face on, without looking like a crazy lady. So much more fun than grown up hats.
Thanks for linking up. x

Hannah said...

Thank you. I personally go for those hats with sides for the ears and a bobble on top lol sometimes it looks okay others im too cold to care! Looking forward to next week x

Katie @mummydaddyme said...

These are both lovely- in response to Lucy's comment, a couple of years ago I did actually have a hat with a bears face on it! Oops maybe a bit too old for that! But they are very cute and they look adorable in them! Thanks for linking up! x

mouse said...

Excellent hats, I agree with Lucy about wishing I could wear them! I normally took a twit in all hats anyway so would be pushing my luck in a teddy bear one. Your two however look beautiful x

Hannah said...

It took me years to find a hat that suited me and even then i have the odd off day where I just cannot look right. Id rather not have earache though I so I no longer care!
Thanks for commenting x

Hannah said...

Thanks for you comment! Look forward to next weeks link up too! Ive seen a lot of teens wearing these hats of late, some pull it off others not so much, but i'm sure you were one that did! x