Pretty.Little.Things Favourite Winter Accessory

Last week I participated in this new meme from MummyDaddyandmemakesthree.. and Dear Beautiful Boy. Last week we saw lots of newborn outfits which was great. I love cooing over cute little newborns and as my niece is staying firmly in her mothers' womb for the 40th week I shall probably take another sneak peek at my son in his coming home outfit haha!

Anyway, on to this week. We are posting pictures this week of our favourite winter accessory be it a hat, scarves, wellies or a nice cosy snow suit. I've gone for hats this week as my 2 little ones love wearing their hats, they're so alike and of course, hats speak winter to me more than anything. I practically live in mine after all!

Why not link your photos up by clicking the lovely badge below and showing off your favourite winter accessory? It doesn't have to be your child's either, there could be something rather nice of yours!