Dear So and So..

Dear 2012,
I didn't think you were going too fast. January kind of dragged by. Then I realised February brought me another month closer to August which, as I know very well, is when I have chosen to be married. As I'm having a period of time where my wedding is just annoying me and I'm sure everyone reaches that sort of point now and then, especially when they run out of essentials.
 So 2012, please slow the muffins down!
Asking incredibly polity for someone who is poorly, Hannah

Dear Dog Walkers,
Pick your sodding dog crap up! I am sick of buggy dodging! If you can't pick up your dogs mess then you shouldn't own a dog end of!
Asking not so politely anymore, Hannah

Dear Little Miss,
Please stop being rude to Mumma it's not nice. You listen and are polite to everyone else but right now you're having a hard time with Mumma and it's making me sad. We'll figure it out.
Lots of love Mumma xx

Dear Little Man,
Well done on tooth number 5 my handsome chap! Now lets sort out the leg clinging situation shall we? No..oh okay then hmm
Love from Mumma xx

Dear Accessorize,
Thank-you for selling gorgeous bags. Thank you even more for having the 2 very expensive bags I have had my eye on for a very long time in the sale at half the price. I cannot wait until Monday to have my bags (or bag as Other Half thinks hehe)
I desperately needed them..honest, Hannah

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Dear So and So...


  1. ha, you gonna have to hide the second bag somewhere?! or do the "what, this old thing?"...
    Tooth no.5, good going, we're at no.3 being a bit wobbly. I was amazed how generous the Tooth Fairy seems to be these days!!

    1. I thought Claire i'd go with..'Oh wow look! A free bag! After all he is a man, what would he know about this lovely shop and their services lol. Oh gosh what is the going rate these days?! x

  2. Hopping over from 3BB. Great letters. It does seem like 2012 just sped up, doesn't it? Jan drug by and then poof, it somehow became Feb 3rd. I'm still not sure how it happened.

    1. Hi thanks for your comment. I know what you mean, my son is one this month as well as it just doesn't seem fair!

  3. im so with you on the dog poo! Bain of my life!! :)

    1. Its vile isnt it. Why can't people pick it up!? x

  4. 2012 has certainly sped up I'll be 18 before I know it :O and the mini's will be ageing too :O

    well done on tooth number 5! :)

    1. Thanks for your comment! It's going a bit too fast I must admit! x
      Thanks number 6 is poking though :)