MumenTum- A better week

So last week was pretty dreadful with unwell children and miserable me. This week I feel a little better, much better in fact.

Monday started off well enough. I woke up with new energy after going to bed earlier. My diet started off really well and I felt pretty good. I even did my exercise DVD which I was really pleased with.
On Tuesday I did my DVD again but already could feel the repetitiveness was going to be a problem. Still, I carried on the exercises, adding a few more to the abs section. I think I felt a bit off because I was little bloated which meant I could feel this mummy tummy of mine not staying particularly strong and just bouncing all over the place. I hate jogging on the spot with a tummy wobble urgh.

My diet has continued pretty well all week to be fair. The exercising ceased for the rest of the week. On Wednesday my brother made a late visit to stay over so i wasn't able to work out that night. On Thursday I contracted a stomach bug so really didn't feel right at all. Now it's Sunday it's the only day since that my IBS hasn't played up. I've felt pretty rubbish rest of the week but tried my best.

I'm pleased I got off to a good start and recognise that I need to get some more exercise ideas. Thanks to Pinterest i have found some tips to print off so this will mix and match my week with one day off. I haven't felt bad at all for not working out either. Below I included some measurements of my body. I would like to point out that i know I am not 'fat' and to a lot of people 'have nothing to worry about'. I don't think i need to point this out but it isn't really for those of us participating in MumenTum, more other people out there reading it who think I am merely low on self esteem. All I want is a few inches lost so i can wear my lovely shorts this summer and buy some new jeans, not to be a skinny mini. I've done the whole food obsessed thing and I won't be going there again!

Also, I have had exactly 4 cravings and 2 opportunities for take out this week and I ignored every single one! Go me!! I do need to get back to an early bedtime though, i'm sure that's put me out a bit.

Hope everyone else is getting on well. And don't forget to link up with New Mum Online!

My Measurements. Upper Arm- Thigh- Waist- Hips- Bust- Under -Over-


  1. Well done on having a good week, resisting temptation AND doing your DVDs. Fab stuff xxx

  2. I hope you get some early nights this week, that makes all the difference to me. Mich x

  3. I wish I had your willpower to resist temptation