A Mixed Bag

It's been one of those days today. I got up (minus Other Half) which is fine, only Little Man was awake with Little Miss turning up 20 minutes later to play with her new farm toys quietly. I got to catch up on a bit of Masterchef which I love but am still 1 episode behind and I haven't even started the new series yet.

Other Half was heckled (by me then by the kids) and I was told about his trapped wind situation followed by (no, no farting don't worry people) 'you can have a lay in tomorrow Hun i'm sorry it's only fair' aww back in the good books and he knows it!

My aunt was supposed to be arriving at half past 10, not one to induce total shock and actually keep to a time proposed she turned up not 10 minutes late, or half an hour late but ONE HOUR and 10 minutes late! That's just plain 'oh my goodness' stuff for me. My Mum can be like that and it really annoys me! Time keeping is an essential skill...And she's a midwife!! We had a nice morning anyway no matter how rushed it ended up. I taught her how to send attachments via e-mail, she ate all my chocolate covered raisins (with my consent) then left after my Mum arrived early (inducing shock) who had come to take over baby duty while me and the Other Half plodded off to catch our bus to the hospital.

And that's where it went into rather a 'mixed bag' kinda day for me. I saw my doctor and after faffing about with trouser legs and concentrating on not pulling down the curtains I sat to await the news that I thought was oh so simple. Except it wasn't all that simple. In fact a little more complex.
I spent the bus journey in a bit of a misery if i'm honest.
My doctor had discussed with me the legacy our children leave behind them...I couldn't help but think, as nice as he was (yes HE) that really wasn't helping. Don't you get annoyed when people tell you that 'nothing will ever be the same down there again' Nah no shit...

Anyway I was handed my choices and I've gone with: Do a little experiment for 3 or so months as discussed with said doctor, see my GP to have a little chat about this that and the other and could I have that operation that Doctor mentioned?
Well yes I could but it would be ideal to not have anymore children and as it is i'm not sure it would really go in your favour...I'm 22 and i'm pretty sure that maybe, just maybe i am not done yet. No matter how much I hate being pregnant with all the crap that comes with it I'm sure there's number 3 in my future. Call me greedy if you like I just know. More to the point if surgery isn't going to go in my favour i'm not sure I want to put my lady garden through that!

I do feel a little brighter this evening though. Even better now that I have got it all out. Not the usual thing to blog about I know but hey, i think I've handled it well!
The only other downside today is I did give in to some comfort eating by having a bag of chips for my dinner *sighs* and I haven't exercised in 3 days *sighs massively* I don't think many people would exercise though with their Other Half and brother playing Call Of Duty in their front room no?



  1. I think you deserved chips after rubbish news from the doctor! 22 is very young to put yourself through an operation like that.

    1. Yep that's what i was trying to tell Other Half. I will find a way without surgery though i have fresh determination after venting. x

  2. Mmmm, chips! I think comfort food was totally justified,and I agree with Offcumden - 22 is far too young for that.

    1. Hmm they were rather nice chips to be honest. Yes that's how I feel as well.