Life Circle 2012 Taking Action

I didn't participate in last weeks Life Circle because I simply didn't feel the need to. I can see where my life needs improving and I'm pretty sure they're not that different from 2011. In this weeks Life Circle, Kate at The Five Fs blog wants us to start taking ACTION! to improve the areas of our lives that we have considered to be the lowest out of ten (this is based on a Life Circle Wheel).

My lowest 2 would have to be Fun & Recreation and Health. For me Personal Development is also an issue but I would like to tie that under fun and recreation as I would like to start going back to baby groups and getting involved more outside the home. This is what i call fun but also it is heavily based on my confidence which again has become an issue for me.

So out of 10 I would score myself 5 for fun and recreation. I need to do more for me and enjoy myself again but equally make time with both of my children to become the fun Mum I used to be. I used do colouring, painting and baking with my daughter and this has gone out of the window. I want me back! I have also joined the Pinaddicts challenge (see badge in side bar) to try and get my crafty juices flowing!

I would give myself 6 out of 10 health. My health isn't bad but there are some personal issues I need to see to and this involves changing my outlook on diet and fitness. I have already given my meals an over hall and I feel slightly better. I need to measure myself up and also start exercising. I think I'm also keen to get me and Little Man out in his buggy and do a few laps around the park (trying not to care what anyone else's a small-ish park!)

Right so that is my Action post of Life Circle. To see everybody else's please head on over to The Five Fs blog and link up/view!
Life Circle


  1. I really like your blog, Hannah. How do you do so many things every day with 2 little kids to look after as well. I'm impressed.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks Carol Im lucky that my Other Half actually works nights so I can have 'me' time in the evening (if i'm lucky!) while in the day do something with one of the children while OH has the other child! More often it is me with both the children so i'm not sure how I do it!! x

  2. good luck with those great sounding plans :-)

  3. Hi Hannah

    I think you need to be more specific when you set yourself some actions. They need to be SMART - specific (what you're going to do exactly) measurable (ie something you can measure to say that you've done it) achievable (so you don't get disheartened if you don't take over the world in two weeks!) realistic or relevant(similar but there's no point in setting yourself a task to do something you hate or has no relevance to your life) and time-bound (ie within a set time period).

    Setting smart tasks will mean there is more impetus to get out and do them, rather than telling yourself you'll do something soon.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Kate thank you for the advice. I think I had this SMART problem last time. Im very good at saying i 'need' or 'should' or 'plan' to do something but i understand I need to be more specific and especially more comitted when saying my goals to myself (as well as writing them down). x