Listography My 5 Best Things

Free range on Listogprahy this week (okay last week I'm late) I'm not sure what my 'bests' will be but i'll just type and see what happens!

1) Best Meal- Now this has to be a roast dinner. I don't eat meat so a lovely bit of salmon, gluten free yorkshire pudding, all the veg and some stuffing mix to add a bit of a taste to my salmon. Don't forget the roast potatoes lathered in oil otherwise I shall not be eating it!
2) Best Achiement- Most definetly having my children, particulay my first, Little Miss when I was only 18 and incredibly niave, not informed in the slightest and scared crapless about the journey ahead.

3) Best film to watch- My all time favourite film has to be The Breakfast Club. I have watched it countless times and it always manages to cheer me up if a little on the low side. I love all the music they have teamed with the film and find myself getting up to have a little old boogy (as long as no one's about you understand)
4) Best website- Right now it's probably Pinterest where I could spend a considerable amount of time wasting my life over all the wonderfuil photos and ideas that are constanty being updated to the homepage. I'm so glad I got an invite promtply...All this time I missed out!

5) Best Day- Tuesday. This is purly based on TV watching. There is usually a good documentary on chanel 4 on Tuesdays, I get to have Eastenders and Holby City one after the other and can generally relax all night long (as long as the children stay asleep that is)

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  1. Oh, gosh, now I think I might just HAVE to watch the breakfast club again tonight. Great list! :)

  2. I had my first at 18 and think I was naive to think the reason it was so hard was because I was young.

    I've still not "got" pinterest yet.

  3. Thanks everyone! Glad I have planted a seed @mumofone poor children living in our items haha!

    @pinkoddy Yes I agree i wasn't pining after my previous life either, it was just being young with a child was difficult. I think being 18 I was still perhaps a little selfish..? I hope i've changed!
    Pinterest is fab i'll have to invite you!

  4. Great list! I will have to watch Breakfast Club again. Haven't seen it in years.

  5. Enjoy Emily, it's a great film!

  6. Loved (love!) the Breakfast Club :)