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Home means different things for different people. The place where I live now is finally a home, we have been through a lot with houses and finally things seem to have settled in our current residence. But I am a country girl born and bred. I have never lived anywhere else, but when I was pregnant with my second little blessing we soon realised that the countryside was just not appropriate when Little Miss was nearing nursery age and we needed to be near doctors, hospitals and well, shops!!!

I am still adjusting to town life, I find it mighty convenient and life is easier, but is it quieter? No definitely not. Is it fun? No not really. Do i appreciate what I have oh yes, massively. But I wish i spent even more time exploring our woods across the road, walking the roads figuring out life's great mysteries, spent more time at the beautiful beach we would regularly walk to. Its a shame my Little Man is missing out on what Little Miss enjoyed so much, the local park is fun, the walks are good and interesting, but nothing compares to the peace and quiet, the beauty of the true countryside.

The picture above is in fact a picture I took a long time ago of the beach we lived a stones throw from. Porthallow is a quiet little village full of friendly Cornish folk and considerate holiday makers who love the beach just as much as the locals. If you're ever out on The Lizard in Cornwall, please check this quiet little place out. The countryside, the beauty, the peace and wonder of nature will always be my true home.

However, As I stated before, home means different things to different people, as everything in life. And that is also true I would imagine for our wonderful pets! Here's our wonderful hamster Crunchie, I don't think he'd like my home much do you? He is quiet happy with his warm and cosy little house!


Cupcake Mumma xxx
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