Hard at Work in the Countryside ~ My Sunday Photo

On Friday I was travelling back from Cornwall with Mr K when we got stuck in some bank holiday traffic. Normally I'd be getting a bit fed up after stopping and starting so many times but on this occasion I didn't mind so much. Wiltshire has such a beautiful countryside and I simply adore this photo I took from our hot, stuffy car of the farmers hard at work in the hay fields.

16 comments on "Hard at Work in the Countryside ~ My Sunday Photo"
  1. You could even think it had been a dry summer looking at this!

  2. Ahh! It looks like such a lovely day.
    I hope you weren't stuck in traffic for too long x

  3. I like the contrast of the brown and green. And, I am so jealous of my UK friends--we spent 3 weeks in England at the beginning of July and had a marvelous time, such beautiful countryside!

  4. What a glorious view, I love the colours

    Thank you for linking up

  5. Hi Hannah, with scenery like that being stuck in traffic doesn't seem so bad. It is a lovely photo.


  6. That is a lovely photo. I've heard from a few people how terrible the traffic was on Friday.

  7. Makes me a little sad this photo, truth be told. Summer isn't summer if I don't get to see a harvest and the weather has been so wet in August I haven't see one this year. Very glad you got to experience it though. #MySundayPhoto

  8. That is so pretty, it looks so calm x

  9. What a lovely view and all that sky and fields!

  10. Gorgeous. I wouldn't mind sitting staring out the window at that.

  11. I love to see the summer fields. They're so beautiful and always changing

  12. I absolutely love this time of year and seeing the farmers in the fields. They work so hard!

  13. We got totally stuck in bank holiday traffic too and passed gorgeous fields like this!

  14. I'm still totally jealous that you got this pic and I didn't. Damn me being the driver ;) #mysundayphoto

  15. I'm still totally jealous that you got this pic and I didn't. Damn me being the driver ;) #mysundayphoto


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