Day Dreams...

I'm a day dreamer. I love to sit and picture a little world I would love to become a reality one day. I love to lay down and make up a future picture for myself; I think a lot of people do this. One thing I think a lot about is my relationships and right now my energy and focus is shared between my children and my new boyfriend who I truly believe is my perfect match in this life. I knew we would be good, that we would get on but despite knowing and speaking to each other for over 3 years, new likes, passions and dislikes seemed to tumble out and they are the same! Well...mostly!

Since I met Mart and have spent a good chunk of time living with him and all 4 children over the summer I have this overwhelming feeling of wishing I didn't have to return to my home in Cornwall. Instead I'd be heading in the opposite direction, heading to my new home. One day I'd love a bungalow with a small garden that would be just big enough for flowers and to grow vegetables. I don't want all of this miles of lawn to mow nonsense. 

I picture a bedroom for each of us and throughout the bungalow it's clean and organised but covered with projects and pictures and drawings from the children. We'd all have our own space; I'd have a hilarious mix of marvel, cupcakes and girly pink things in the bedroom and after living in a flat for years and myself a small house, wouldn't it be wonderful to snuggle up and look out of a roof window to the stars, the moon or probably the pouring rain but hey, it will still be cool!

I don't mind where we live exactly, near a town is in my head as I never see myself as a driver so I'd like to be able to jump on trains or walk myself to the shops, to work or near to places for the children. I picture our Staffy Peppa and Westie Samson a bit older, mooching around. I suspect there's more animals probably hamsters or maybe a rabbit...I'm not sure...definitely no cats!

I day dream of being at my bureau writing or reading a book, maybe still blogging even! I can hear piano from another room, the children doing homework or outside playing, one or two of them still stuck to some form of technology wouldn't surprise me either.

I daydream about other things of course. More immediate things like having a long soak with candles and no noise, coming off of job seekers allowance and having a good job I enjoy but mostly they involve discovering gluten and dairy free doughnuts and stuffing my damn face with that jam and sugary, doughy goodness.

What do you day dream about? I'd love to know

Cupcake Mumma

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