Back to School

We're on day 4 of back to school here. The first day Midge made me all emotional  looking so grown up in her new uniform and not asking me to come into her class or anything. Little A went in absolutely fine and I was okay until I got half way home and felt totally alone without my little buddy! I was going to stop at the train station but felt weird, I wanted a Costa but I didn't want to spend my money so I went to sort my prescription and head home instead! When we collected them both after school, they had both had a great first day. Little A was knackered though, we had several melt downs but day 2 was perfect; a great day and no meltdowns after!

I want to be a pharmacist

So yesterday Midge went off on her first back to school trip. They did  an activity day then stayed at school to camp on the field. I think she had a great time, it's a big step for Midge. Little A had Mummy and Daddy all to himself last night, although  he did  miss his big sister.

I want to be a superhero!

Next week things will properly start at school so we will see what level Midge is at with her books and see what spellings and maths work she's sent home with. They'll have a new project too I suspect. Little A will get his first book home, one with just pictures to start with I'd imagine but it'll be great because we love having books before bed. Me?  Well so I've far decorated our front room and need to finish the niggly bits like curtains and netting, then I'll start on the bathroom which needs a new lick of paint and a deep clean! I should imagine it'll look like we have a whole new house by the time next summer rolls round!

To end, here's a photo of my little ones just 2 years ago. I love these comparison photos!

Then and Now: 2 years ago

Cupcake Mumma

8 comments on "Back to School"
  1. Activity day and camping sounds so much fun! Wish our school did something like that! Jac would prob love it not so sure about Mali though! Look how much they have grown in that sweet. xx

    1. I thought all schools did this to be honest! Lils isn't always keen! xx

  2. Ah, sounds like they're doing so well, and you are getting loads done! Love that comparison photo, they look so sweet, and wow, so grown up now xx

    1. I am getting a fir bit done! Thank you! They are pretty cute haha x

  3. Wow look how much they've grown up. Hope they've enjoyed themselves, hard getting back into the swing of things isn't it! I do those boards for their first day too, so nice to look back on :) x

    1. It really is, but all are pretty happy so that's the main thing! I think it's a great idea, so far it's been 3 years I hope they tolerate the tradition! x

  4. They look so happy and confident, school must be going really well for them: and their ambitions are great to see too - it would be interesting to see how those change over the years, or not... xx

    1. They've already changed quite a lot! But she's only 7 so I don't expect them to stay the same! Thank you, they are so far really loving school xx


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