#BEDA A Special Memory

I always think it's really hard to narrow down all those memories you've kept to just one special one. I, like many people, have a lot of fantastic memories. Climbing Snowdon, doing the race for life with midge, my first beautiful dog who was my best friend and so many hilarious school memories.

Having my children is definitely near the top. Mainly the holding them close afterwards, the relief, the joy. With my son I got to catch him under the water and cuddle him quickly. That's incredibly special to me.

My really special memory though is marrying my soul mate. Walking up the aisle to greet him, exchanging vows, walking away as husband and wife. Our whole family gathered in happiness for us. Midge was a bridesmaid and Little A was toddling around in his suit. It meant everything to be blessed as a family. The party afterwards was wonderful and everyone had pulled together to help us make our day wonderful.

We married in a beautiful church and celebrated it opposite the sea in the hotel we had our first night away in as 19 year old first time parents. That sounds nuts. Our room was beautiful and we stayed there for two nights. I remember after everyone had gone to bed I stood looking out at the beautiful view with my new husband. I hadn't shed a year all day and then all of a sudden the happiness overwhelmed me and my husband took me in his arms for one of his wonderfully protecting, comforting hugs.

It's quite apt that I should write this. In 2 weeks we celebrate 2 years of marriage. I'm very lucky to have my Husband and our wedding day is definitely the most special memory etched into my mind.

Cupcake Mumma

8 comments on "#BEDA A Special Memory"
  1. Lovely post Hannah :) Congratulations for two weeks time xxx

  2. Beautiful photos of a very special day. Hope you both have a wonderful anniversary in 2 weeks' time.

  3. You both look amazing! What a gorgeous day. Would have loved to have shared it with you all. Love you masses and cant wait to see you in 3 days!!! :) xxx

  4. Love this. Your dress is beautiful. Me and hubby celebrate our 3 year anniversary in a few weeks too. On the 20th xx

  5. Oh Hannah, what a gorgeous recollection of a beautiful memory. You can feel the emotion when reading xx

  6. Happy anniversary in 2 weeks. Looks like a great day :) lovely memory x
    See you tomorrow
    Nikki x

  7. Lovely photos, it looks and sounds like such an incredible day for you both :) Happy Anniversary for 2 weeks time!! x

  8. Aww, lovely! Happy anniversary for 2 weeks time :)


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