Geek Swap! #dicraftswap

Last month over at Dainty and Ivory was Geek swap month. We were paired up and exchanged all the things that we get a bit geeky about! I get my geek on over Tudor history, stationery and books (to a name a few) my partner Sally described herself pretty much as being a bit geeky about sewing which I thought was quite a good thing to be geeky about!

I sent Sally (who blogs at Sally Bee Makes) a couple of fat quarters, one was a black lace type fabric and the other was a piece of oil cloth that I was sure Sally could make something with. I included some chocolates, a mini chalk board, some ribbon and some buttons that I thought were pretty funky.

I was sent a geeky gift from Jenny who blogs at Pretty Column (swaps aren't direct) I got a gorgeous notepad for my letter writing, beautiful, handmade Tudor rose bunting which is so unique I love it. I was also sent some stars for my card making and they are fab I love them. Jenny also put in a bookmark which I think is very Tudor like, so naturally I was really happy to receive that.

This month the theme is Books which I've just sent off. Next months is Disney which may be harder than we think! To sign up for swaps, head over to Dainty and Ivory and follow Hannah, you won't be disappointed.

Cupcake Mumma
7 comments on "Geek Swap! #dicraftswap"
  1. Fabulous swaps there Hannah. All very pretty n well geeky... 😉

    I didnt join in for geek or book but im back in for the Disney swap....

    I think you could be right. Maybe harder than it sounds.

    Watch this space.

    Sa xXx

    1. Can't wait to see how the disney one goes! Bet you've done something great, i'm a bit out of my depth for the making part of it! xx

  2. This sounds like such a cool swap - I love Tudor history too! That bookmark is such a gorgeous pattern. :)

    1. Thanks, I really loved the bookmark! Nice to meet someone who is into the same things! x

  3. Arwh this is such a lovely idea. You sent and received some lovely gifts. My mum does a lot of exchanges, she is very craft/stitchy geeky :) x

    1. Thanks Hannah :) I loved it all! That's great that your mum does them, hope you've had a go too! x


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