Be Nice on the School Run Please Parents!

So as I draft this up I'm about half way to pick up some little monsters from school. Yep, I'm on the school run. I don't dislike the school run because it's a fair walk or because of the weather. I don't dislike it because it's super busy and all you parent drivers go pretty crazy at this time of day (ok those are definitely reasons why I hate the school run)

But do you know what makes the whole school run experience even worse? No not your buggy up my ass or your kid running over my foot with their scooter. It's when you're not nice!

There are Mums and Dads at this school and schools all over the country who are mean, who are rude and just down right unpleasant. They have their groups, they have their after morning school run meet ups and have plenty to chat about and that's great that they have friends and that there are little communities split all over the place but why be rude to those who aren't in your circle or like me who aren't in any circle!?

There's one mum here who i once looked at,smiled at even said hello to. She looked straight through me, she blanked me and then she turned away. That's just mean. The only time one of the mums in my daughters class acknowledges me is when I bring in cupcakes for the parent committee.

Now the reason I bring this up isn't because it bothers me so much anymore, I just want people to be aware that there are some parents who are very vulnerable, shy, anxious. Some parents need a friendly smile, a 'you alright?' as we do here. It's nice and it makes a difference. Honestly it does.

8 comments on "Be Nice on the School Run Please Parents!"
  1. Here here! Well said. I am invisible to some in our school playground too. It isn't very nice at all xx

  2. 100% agree with you here. I feel I have been super lucky to have a good group down at the school. I done a blog on it last year I always try to make an effort especially with the new mums & dads down there xx

    1. I remember your post Bex but will read again thank you for sharing it here.Yes, you are lucky I wish more people were lucky too xx

  3. 100% agree. The school run can be unbearable, and I have many years ahead of me doing it. I will offer a smile or a 'good morning' to anyone in the playground, I will chat about the weather, moan about the lack of sleep, the homework , whatever, for those 10 minutes each day, I will talk to anyone about anything. But why are some people so unpleasant? A smile costs nothing yet can mean so much.

    1. I feel your pain, I also have years ahead of doing it too! Fills me with dread some days! I will also talk to anyone and smile and say hello back. To completely ignore someone is just so bad! Thanks for commenting Rachel x

  4. too true, but be safe in the knowledge it is them and not you who are the missfits!


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