A-Z Challenge- M

M is for Messy Play for Matilda Mae!

Another week, another messy play. We're really embracing the sensory dishes (as I call them) and it's so great to see Midge and Little A get really into it. This week Midge came down with chickenpox so to set something special up wasn't going to happen. We threw together some food colouring and shaving foam then I encouraged Midge to find things she could add into the wash bowl.

You'll notice Midge isn't in these photos which is a shame but she really didn't want her photo taken because of all the spots and lotion on her face. I have respected her wishes which is why Little A is the only one included this week. Midge did however, have a lot of fun too.

Shaving foam, straws, food colouring, plastic balls AND water beads! We love water beads they're fantastic and I'd recommend them to anyone. I got ours from eBay by recommendation for £1 with another coming free!

Little A got seriously messy with this activity. The cupboards and floor smell of a freshly shaved man (I'm not kidding) As you can see lots of extras have been added by Midge who hunted through the toy box and kitchen drawers.

SO much mess! Even I had fun!
Next week I'm thinking of something seriously pink and sparkly!



Messy Play
14 comments on "A-Z Challenge- M"
  1. Looks like great fun! Sorry to hear your Midge has chicken pox, although its always best they get it young. Hope her spots clear up soon x

    1. Ah thank-you she looks to be on the mend thankfully! x

  2. Lots of fun by the looks of it, I believe you about the shaving foam the last time I used it for craft I melt it for AGES! x

  3. Ah poor Midge having chicken pox. But messy play looks like great fun. Your a lovely mum doing all that for them!


    1. Thank you :) They love it that's the best thing seeing them having fun !

  4. Morning Hannah,that looked a really good messy play activity!Just what are these water beads that everyone is talking about?I want some too! XXX Oh hope young Midge is feeling a little bit better :-)

    1. Thanks Jess they loved it! Oh they are tiny beads that once put in water with hydrate and they feel like gel balls basically. Very fun. I got mine on ebay for a £1. I think they're used for example in vases of water say for center pieces to make the flowers look a bit nicer in the vase? xxx And midge is much better thank you x

  5. Oh poor Midge. This looks like amazing messy fun. What a good idea with the food coloring and shaving foam.

    1. Thank you! She loved it and is all on the mend now! x

  6. That looks like a blast. I'm all grown up, but I'd like to play with that just like Matilda.

    Happy A to Z blogging.

  7. Such simple pleasures! Great idea :)



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