A-Z Challenge: Y

Y is for Yesterday

Yesterday was a pretty miserable day I'm sorry to report. Little A decided to wake up at 10pm and not sleep at all and I'm not even kidding! I haven't even had a night like that with a newborn baby- horrendous! I did check my Twitter in the morning though and found out many parents had similar problems so there's some sort of comfort in that!

The day before yesterday was Trevithick Day. I was looking forward to this until we were all tired, it was super packed and started raining. In the end I walked Midge to the steam engines, took a few photographs then came home when the moaning started...

I was left a football widow for 3 or 4 hours until half 5 came around and Husband came home. Upon returning he took Midge out to the celebrations before the party goers came out. She spent her £5 from Nanny, went on 4 rides and one 2 prizes, happy at last!

The best bit about my day yesterday though was laying in bed with Midge whilst Little A caught up on some sleep in the morning. I laid there like a beached whale, Husband was downstairs doing his own version on the sofa and Midge was playing on our tablet, not giving a damn about how annoying SpongeBob SquarePants actually is!

Oh, I had a nice dinner too. Mash with homemade dairy and gluten free fish and peas. Y could also be for Yummy!!
9 comments on "A-Z Challenge: Y"
  1. Oh no :( this won't help but my youngest son's 12 and we had a week of those nights a few weeks ago. He's had this awful cough and they gave him steroids, I swear I've never known sleep deprivation like it. No wonder they use that as a torture method!
    I do hope you get some better nights this week!

    1. It's awful isn't it? You don't realise how important sleeping really is until you are so deprived it!! Hope he's on the mend hun xx

  2. i've had sleep deprivation since Friday!! My little girl has a virus and has been sleeping in my bed since Friday bless her, and being 25 weeks pregnant too I feel super tired!!!

    Hope you get some peaceful nights this week xx


    1. Oh no not you too? :( Hope your little girl is feeling better, poor things! And being 25 weeks pregnant, goodness! Hope things are improving for you xx

  3. Oh honey, you poor thing. Sleep deprivation is just the worst. Do hope he makes a recovery and you get some well-earned sleep soon. Sending healing hugs xx

    1. Oh thank you so much, it has been hard! He's improved loads now which is such a relief! xx

  4. They never tell new parents that sleepless nights basically keep happening on and off forever, do they? Well, maybe it's better that way. Surprises are nice.

    Hope he's feeling better!

  5. I love that you got to enjoy some time with Midge while your other one caught up on sleep. :)

    Yay for finishing a-z. :)

  6. Richard Trevithick is my great, great, great etc grandfather...
    Those nights that catch you unexpected are soooo much worse than the newborn days when you expect it plus they snooze more in the days so you get more chance to catch up - hope it was a one off! Xx


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