A-Z Challenge: C

C is for Crafting with the Little Ones

There are so many different crafts to do that sometimes I have a hard time choosing but whichever activity we do try we always enjoy it! School always gives us a great excuse to make things like fancy egg heads for charity, masks for fun or even bugs like this:

Lots of paper, paint, pipe cleaners and patience (yep, that's the four P's right there- always handy!) makes a really good lady bird for a school project! Like many households with young children there is a vast array of paper pictures featuring 'Mummy' or a dog with a cape or a princess. You can never guess what it is (and don't even try, it only causes offence) a lot of these pictures are stored in a file on our bookshelf but pieces of childhood artwork are placed on the fridge,notice board, handed out to Grandparents when I've had enough or simply sellotaped to the wall by Midge when I'm not paying attention.

Other crafts we enjoy are seasonal ones. We've made Cupids from loo rolls, stars and pine cones for the Christmas trees and Easter baskets complete with masks most recently. We also dabble in making our own cards and wrapping paper when we feel really adventurous!

Homemade card and a gift wrapped in felt for Father's Day last year.

Feeding the birds with love!

Sometimes we even make bracelets. I have quite a stash of jewelry bits and bobs now and we dip in now and again to create something fun.

What do you enjoy doing with your family?
11 comments on "A-Z Challenge: C"
  1. Wow - they're amazing! Esp the bird feeder, I love it!
    I miss mine being young & wanting to do crafty things! Well,they're crafty in a whole new way now! X

    1. Thanks Donna I loved making the bird feeder I sent it as a gift in a swap which was fun!x

  2. I love doing crafts with kids. Years ago before I had my own I was a nursery nurse. Im always looking for stuff to do with my grandchildren of nearly three and nearly two. My last thing was a working volcano with 2 yr old boy loved except there was no fire,ah well you can't win them all!

    1. It's fun isn't it! The volcano sounds fab, I must do that one!

  3. I've always said you were a crafty wonder xx

  4. Oh my goodness you are so good. Do you have any tips for a Mummy who just can't seem to cope with messy play? That would be a great blog post!

    1. Thank you! I do indeed but thats T- Tips for messy play! hehe (you are making me wait for the marmalade after all ;)

    2. Ha ha. You got me there. I had marmalade on toast this morning and I can confirm that it is a good batch. x

  5. Making crafts with my mother fill a lot of my most loved memories from childhood. I love that ladybug, I might have to steal the idea!

    1. Go for it :) Just make sure you blog it so I can see it! Haha x


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