Reasons To Be Cheerful

Hello! I hope this post finds you well? Although today has had me wiping away a fair few tears as we think of the lovely Jennie and her family who have said their final goodbyes to their beautiful daughter Matilda Mae, there was much happiness to be found in the people from the world of social media. There was such a huge outpouring of love for Jennie and her family that it made me feel, one again, to be very proud to be a part of such a wonderful community.
Here are this weeks Reasons To Be Cheerful with Michelle over at Mummy From The Heart.

1. I suppose what I am most cheerful (and proud) about this week is reaching the very top of Mount Snowdon with some lovely people for Red Nose Day. It was an amazing adventure and a wonderful experience, I'm still smiling now!

photo- Kat

2. On March 5th it was St.Pirans day here in Cornwall. I didn't go to any celebrations as there are too many people for me and the children weren't able to come. To make up for not joining in, I put the children to bed and made myself a yummy vegetarian pasty to mark the occasion. It was very nice!

3. It's nearly the weekend so this makes me naturally very happy! Tomorrow is pay day so the Husband is happy, it's the last day of school so Midge is happy and on Sunday it's Mothering Sunday which I'm looking forward to. We're heading over to my Grans as a surprise which I'm hoping she'll love. 

What are your reasons to smile about this week? We all have something after all.


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
10 comments on "Reasons To Be Cheerful"
  1. Well done on Snowdon - that's fab. You must feel very proud of yourself. X

  2. Congratulations on a fantastic achievement and I hope you have a great Mother's day :-)

    1. Thank you very much I hope you have a lovely weekend too :) x

  3. Congratulations on Snowdon. Bet it was a hard but wonderful day too. Have a superb Mothers' Day.

    1. Thanks Kate! It was so very hard but totally worth it. Have a good weekend too! X

  4. well done on the climb what a great cause, hope you have a amazing weekend! x

  5. Big well done on your Red Nose Day climb, you did a wonderful job. Mich x

  6. Congratulations on your #goodwork with #teamhonk!! That's fantastic x


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