Simple Woman's Day Book January 2013

I thought writing this months Simple Woman's Day Book post would be a nice way to start the New Year before jumping into blogging properly again.

For Today:

Outside my window...
It is 5.15pm and growing steadily darker. The street lamps have just switched on and the traffic on the street is slowing down. I'm glad I'm inside though because its very cold!

I am thinking...
About how relaxed I feel. I'm sort of bobbing a long in a fairly organised way which is very calming. I'm thinking about little crafty things I could do this year, what swaps I could sign up to or even host? All fairly pleasant things to think about.

I am thankful...
For everything. It's as simple as that.

In the kitchen...
It's pretty untidy as I'm a messy cook (but an organised and tidy baker?) so pans and plates are scattered everywhere. Nothing major! At least it smells of rice pudding!

I am wearing...
A comfortable hoody, some frog pyjama bottoms and my very lovely, fluffy and warm slippers.

I am creating...
A sort of scrap book of my year. I've drawn little squares for the whole of January to write in and I'll use scraps and random bits from the craft draw to create a lovely memory book of 2013.

I am going...
To fall asleep if I don't move! I've been snuggled under our sofa duvet for about an hour reading blogs with my children cuddling me either side. Bliss.

I am wondering...
Why my Husband is going to football training when it is simply so dark and so cold? He really is mad...

I am reading...
Pride and Prejudice on my Kindle app and Carries War which is on my bedside. As much as I like reading from my phone, I will always love a proper paper back book.

I am hoping...
My children will sleep as well tonight as they did last night for once. I really need to wash my floors and tidy.

I am looking forward to...
Oh there are many things to look forward to this year I feel: Midge turns 5 this month so we're treating her to a visit to Newquay aquarium before her birthday and then she's having a rainbow themed birthday party the weekend after.
Little Man will be 2 in February and our niece will be 1! There's my parents 25th wedding anniversary to look forward to as well as our first too.

I am learning
To be calmer, especially with the children who have made me feel slightly frustrated with the lack of sleep they seem to be imposing on me. I'm also learning to swear less and have made a swear costs us 10p a swear. At the end of the month we'll total it up and add it to our holiday pot.

Around the house...
It's slowing getting less cluttered. Unused items have gone to the charity store so that's shifted a few bags and all the decorations have been removed to create some breathing space.

A favorite quote for today...
A day without laughter is a day wasted..

One of my favorite things...
My phone. Incredibly materialistic but lately I've been in such close contact with a very good friend I'd find it hard to part with it! We write letters but due to the busy festive period and now work we've been mailing and texting to keep close. We all need someone don't we?

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Clean the house properly and food shop (with a meal plan)

A peek into my day...

Little Man and his Daddy x

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