Reasons To Be Cheerful

I'm feeling pretty good this week but I'm still having to think of actual reasons why I'm so content with things. I've sort of been bobbing along in a new state of calmness which is suiting me just fine!

1) It's the New Year! A new year, another clean slate. We should put the past behind us and try to look forward to 2013 and what it holds for us. I know I am anyway.

2) I probably shouldn't say this, but I will anyway: It's nearly Monday which means I'm on back to school countdown! Midge has been pushing the old buttons these last few days and been asking to see her friends so I'm pretty sure she's missing the place to be honest.

3) it's January and I like January. Midge turns 5 in 2 weeks and I'm planning her a lovely little party at home after much deliberating between home and a hall. I went with the money saving option (and sanity saving option!) It's also Husbands birthday on the 24th. He's easy this year as all he wants is money (he's saving for a nice pair of football boots bless him) but I have bought him a rather nice gift I think he'll appreciate.

So there's just a few of my reasons this week. Please join in by clicking the badge below and share your reasons to be cheerful this week.


12 comments on "Reasons To Be Cheerful "
  1. fab reasons...enjoy the last few days before the school run begins...I think the little ones do miss their friends after a while....Good luck in your party planning...Have a fab 2013 x

    1. Thanks for commenting :) I'm super excited about the upcoming party! Midge is very pleased to be back so I don't feel too bad!

  2. Fab reasons, can't believe it's back to school on Monday..I hope your little one and hubby have lovely birthdays.. Wishing you all a great 2013 xx

  3. I like the 'state of calmness' description. I sort of feel that way at the moment too but for us with homeschooling I am worried i will get into 'mummy as stressy teacher mode' next week. I will try to remember to stay calm as the kids seem to learn so much more and enjoy it so much more when we go with the flow and are led by their interests. all the best for 2013 xxx

    1. I hope you can stay feeling nice and relaxed despite the teacher mode creeping in! I hope 2013 is great for you too

  4. Great reasons, happy new year! x

  5. I think mine are really missing their friends now, too. Roll on Monday, when routine is back! x

  6. I'm up for mine being back at school too! Happy new year, Mich x

  7. Found you through the blog hop and I'm coming to say hello and happy new year. I think your reasons to be cheerful are fantastic!

    1. Hi thank you for commenting! Happy new year to you :) x


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