Reasons To Be Cheerful No.3

I missed a week and that's annoying but I'm in a good mood today so here are my Reasons To Be Cheerful this week:

1) I had an actual massage today! Not a thumb digging lousy attempt by The Husband, but a full on proper massage. It was amazing! Next month I'm going to go for some Hopi ear candle therapy.

2) Yesterday was Husband's birthday and we had a lovely day. We dropped Midge off to school (although we would've loved to have had her with us, learning is more important than a shopping trip) and set off to Truro so Hubby could spend his birthday money. I even bought myself some lovely marzipan chocolate, a brand new bag and funky nail art. Win.

3) Midge's Rainbow Party is on Sunday so it's all systems go here after it was cancelled last week. My house will be bursting at the seams but I hope everyone enjoys themselves.

4) I had a great chat with my sister the other night and she's really happy, this in turn makes me happy. Love you Little Sis xx

I could think of more but you'd be here all day so, what are you cheerful about this week?


14 comments on "Reasons To Be Cheerful No.3"
  1. Aww lovely reasons!
    I've never tried hopi ear candling but always wanted to!


    1. Hi Hayley thanks, i hope the ear candles work, i'll let you know! x

  2. I love the nails Hannah!

    I'm cheerful because I'm getting my haircut on Sunday and it's in dire need to cutting! :) It's the small things! xx

    1. Thanks Hannah! They were a bit annoying the nails so didnt last long! Kept getting caught in my hair lol
      Hope you enjoyed your hair cut! xx

  3. the nail art looks fab..i am sure everyone will enjoy the party xx

  4. Sounds like you have had a great week. Happy Birthday to your Hubby!

  5. Oh I am so jealous, I haven't had a proper massage in years!! I might book up something for the Mister and myself for our anniversary in March... Enjoy the party!! x

    1. Ohh That sounds like a fab (and very romantic idea!!) x

  6. LOVING that nail art! Glad you had a good week xxx

  7. I am jealous of your massage - I really want one! As much as I appreciate the hubbie doing one I want a REAL one too! Hope the Rainbow Party went well today
    PS I've nominated you in the Liebster Award x

    1. Thank you! party was a success thanks and the massage was great do go and treat yourself! Thanks for the award! x

  8. Such a GORGEOUS post and lovely pic of you and your sister.
    I have been wanting a massage for months you lucky devil and I have wanted that ear candle thing for years and years and years - let me know how that goes.
    Oh, and you have just reminded me that the husband gave me a £50 voucher for a Spa, so that massage may actually be possible. MUST book it.
    Cheers, Liska xxx
    (oh and yes, join us on the 40 day thang) xxx

    1. Hope you get your massage Liska! We all deserve a little pamper after all and what better than going with a voucher! Thanks for your lovely comment as ever :) xxx


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