Pinaddicts May- Never Forget A Birthday!

I didn't know what to make for the month of May so it all happened by chance. I bought a new coat hanger for the kitchen as most of the larger hooks on the old one had snapped off. The problem was, when we went to put the new one up it was too long for the space used previously. With no where else to hang our coats, Other Half simply took the old hooks off and replaced them with the new hooks leaving me with a long length of wood. It was then I knew what my #Pinaddict make would be!

I have decided to make this:

Birthday Board for family

I know I have a calender but I fancied something new, something different so I thought this was a great idea and very pretty depending on what you want your design to be. This is also a recycling project for me can I add!
I had left over pink paint in the shed so set about painting my wood and small wooden hearts I bought from Ebay a week before. I thought they'd be nice and really pretty.
I stuck the hearts on the wood to represent the 12 months of the year, writing the initial of each month on them once safely in place.
After I had stuck the hearts on, I wrote names and dates on the remaining hearts and decorated my board with the word 'Birthday'. As you can see, I had some pen trouble when outlining which I'm a bit disappointed about because it ruins it a bit but never mind.

I used my round nosed pliers to make holes in the hearts for hanging. I'm sure there are proper instruments for this sort of thing but the wood is very thin so my pliers were the best option despite many scraps and jabs when I was a bit over-enthusiastic with the effort! I suffer for my art!

Using some hooks I got to pop up my net curtains some time ago, I was able to hang my hearts using some eye pins from my jewelry bag. This was really fiddly for me, I like making things like this but I really have to take my time as I'm not blessed in the practical department! Still, I got there in the end and added the finishing touches with some card embellishments.
(Sorry for photo quality, my camera ran out of power and the lighting isn't great for my phone!)

Now hanging above my mirror in the hallway

Please link up with SimplyOutnumbered for this months crafty make and don't forget to share on Twitter using #Pinaddicts. Have fun!

23 comments on "Pinaddicts May- Never Forget A Birthday!"
  1. I love it! Such a good idea! I always forget anniversaries etc!

  2. Wow, how organised are you now? I write birthdays on the calendar and are so used to seeing them there they still get overlooked - oops! Your birthday sign looks lovely :) thanks for joining in again x x

    1. Thank you Viv :) I bet i still forget them all but the thought's def there! xx

  3. That is beautiful, and such a great idea!

  4. What a brilliant idea and looks so pretty!

  5. Brilliant idea! Well done.

  6. How clever! - Who thinks up these brilliant ideas?

    1. I have no idea but they deserve a medal! x

  7. I've also pinned this and love it! Good on ya! Thanks for joining up with us!!

  8. What a brilliant idea! Looks fab. x

  9. That is FANTASTIC! I love it. I always forget to add birthdays to the calendar. I might have a go at this but no doubt it will be pants in comparison lol Thanks for the idea xx

    1. Thanks Kat! It wasn't very relaxing though so dont be stressed when making it lol xx

  10. Looks great-I'm thinking perhaps I need to do something similar. I seem to have a habit of forgetting birthday's on my partners side!

    1. Haha yes you should then! Although they are on there, i find it his responsibilty to remember his side (although i feel bad when they are forgotten!) x

  11. It looks great, Fab idea, I am totally useless with birthdays so this would be a perfect project x

    1. Thanks, im surprised by how many people are useless with birthdays! lol x

  12. It looks great! I never remember birthdays, I definitely need to make one!

    1. Thank-you! You should, hopefully you'll find it less fiddly! x


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