This week Baby I Promise...

So Christmas is over and we had a really good one, at last! We're all played out! It would appear I never linked up with the last 'Baby I promise' what a der brain! But I did get into the Christmas spirit, I did play with Little Man and his toys A LOT and I also baked with Little Miss a fair bit! Whatever she wanted.
Little Miss helped baked the Christmas cake
Okay, there are no toys here but he looks cute!
Alright, here goes. This week babies I promise....To get up before you so Mummy is bright and breezy and ready to go! Instead of Little Miss bouncing on my bed I could bounce on her instead!

I will also endevor to sort all your toys out and place all your new clothes into your wardrobe...I have next weeks planned too!

Mum Of One
2 comments on "This week Baby I Promise..."
  1. Love it! What happened to those mornings when you awoke with energy? I am sure I did once? That is one lovely looking cake :) Hope you all have a great new year and thanks again for linking up x

  2. Awwww their lovely little faces, so cute! I love the cake, its fab! Pleased to hear you had a nice Christmas. Happy New Year x


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