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This week of The gallery is 'My Awesome Photo'. I have tonnes of awesome photos (in my opinion) of my lovely little family. My beautiful girl, my gowing boy and my wonderful fiance and I have a few photos we have taken together. But in all honesty I am happiest when I am capturing nature...Flowers, birds, animals simply anything that catches my eye in the place it belongs hence why this photo of a beautiful swan is my personal Awesome Picture. Swans are such lovely birds, they come so close to you in the park where I took this and they are so peaceful to watch. I really love this photo.
6 comments on "The Gallery"
  1. That is stunning, especially given the almost black water against the white feathers

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment x

  3. Lovely photo. Looks very dramatic ! :)

  4. wow this is a beautiful photo, its often so difficult to capture good nature shots but this is really lovely :)

  5. Beautiful photo...Swans are such stunning creatures! x

  6. Beautiful, dramatic and you really captured the swans gracefulness.


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