Saturday is Caption Day!

Never joined in with this meme before so here goes! Click the badge below to link up your own picture for fellow bloggers to caption and to view the funny!

12 comments on "Saturday is Caption Day!"
  1. This is the smile you give mummy to get what you want when you want!

  2. Big Sis - hee hee you look silly
    little bro - thats nothing you should see whats on your head!

  3. We're ready for winter...wonder if the rest of England will be able to cope as well as we will be able to?!

  4. Boy: That hat really suits you
    Girl: aww you're so sweet! Fancy a crisp?

    Amazing how young the male in the species can work out how well flattery works...

  5. They were looking very pleased with themselves after finding winter hats were on offer in their favourite store.

  6. eeeeee...what happened to your hair sis?

  7. Humour her, just humour her...we will get our own back on the hats when we are teenagers! he he

    P.S Never seen your blog before, but definitely coming back to give it a good look. love the name. x

  8. Don't laugh at me till you've seen yourself!

  9. You need to work on the grin then mummy will give you a bag of doritos!

  10. "And that, my dear, is how you accessorise."

  11. I LOVE these comments!! Thank-you all! Made me chuckle quite a bit xx


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