Listography~ Top 5 famous folk i used to fancy

The lovely Kate at Kate Take 5 has set us the Listography task this week of....The Top 5 Famous Folk I used to fancy.
After you've had a good chuckle at mine please pop on over to Kate's blog to read other blogger's teenage celeb crushes and add your own if you're brave enough to relive those teenage thoughts! *Cringe Time*

1. Lee Brennan
I used to LOVE 911 and remember tuning in to watch a TV programme in the morning just to watch their track 'Body Shaking' where they would do this great move (I should not have been looking at my age I swear) I distinctly remember watching them perform this song in a car on stage...?

2. Peter Andre (who I no longer fancy I promise you)
I now like a bit of meat on my men and I think this guy is just well, not my type anymore. But, when I was younger I remember having several *cough* posters of Mr Andre on my wall including one very large one of him walking bare chested out of a crashing sea of waves..

3.Leonardo Decaprio 
I actually saw Titanic before any other film he did so this is where my love of him came. But man, I liked him so much more when I saw him in Romeo and Juliet..Again he's not my kinda man anymore but there's always room for a bit of Leo right?

4.David Beckham.

5. Finally it's Ben Adams from A1. Three words: What.The.Hell?

There you go, not too bad (not fantastic either!) I needed that!

16 comments on "Listography~ Top 5 famous folk i used to fancy"
  1. Ha ha! You are clearly younger than me. Just to say I quite like Beckham with a beard x x

  2. Great list. I forgot about David! What was I thinking? Perhaps it's 'cause he's such a nice guy I just didn't remember he's famous.

  3. Aha yes i am only 22 so found a little hard, most stars are still alright! But there's an odd couple there for sure. Beckham mmmmmmmmx x

  4. That's a young list, but give me David Beckham anyday!

  5. Ah Leonardo! Great pick - I forgot about him.

  6. I remember 911...I liked Backsteet Boys at the time. Fab list x

  7. Beckham, YUM indeed :)

  8. You're younger than me judging by some of these :-)
    Leonardo, great choice!

  9. Yep you've made me feel very old! Gotta love Becks eh?!

  10. Haha I'm sorry for making everyone feel old!! I had to give it a bash though! Thanks all for stopping by! x

  11. ah yes, i forgot about Leo!! I was obsessed with him after titanic, i may have to update my list lol!! xx

  12. Hehe...I like how you put you needed that at the end, that's how I felt too! Great list...beckham my favourite on your list!

  13. Yum, David Beckham was just getting well known when I was at uni so just about out of teenage years for me (loved the fact there was a look a like called David who played footy at uni who lived in the next block to us though - we girls used to hang out the kitchen window to gawp at him every time he went past!)

  14. I think you have a thing for muscles - apart from what the hell man lol

  15. Just don't get the Beckham thing at all but then I am weird

  16. I'm getting hungry looking at your cupcakes.I liked David when he was younger and when he had that curtain hair cut.Went off him when he became too syled.


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