Review! Zuru Bunch O Balloons Summer Fun PLUS GIVEAWAY!


We have had some super hot weather this week and to say the children were excited to get a Zuru Bunch O Balloons with water soaker delivery in the same week would be an understatement! 

We have been sent a Zuru Bunch O Balloons water filler/soaker which comes with a set of water balloons plus 3 extra packs and a cool towel (which to save arguments I have placed dibs on!)

After a bit of nagging I've finally got around to letting the kids unleash the balloons and soaker in the back garden. 

The soaker is a new addition to the range and means you don't need to use a tap or hose to fill the balloons if you don't want to. Of course, it also means you could be filling the self sealing water balloons with your hose and also soaking your mates at the same time when not using the soaker as a filler: bonus!

 The balloons attached to the soaker

The packs come with attachments for a hose

The soaker is fun and has a good water shot distance! We couldn't do it much because our garden is right where people walk, but we had a good shot!

We filled our balloons up in a big box I normally use for storage. We also tried using the hose too, both work and are really easy. We watched the videos on the Zuro website here before we got started to make sure we did it right. 

We had so much fun! I dont know if we underfilled some of our balloons but they didnt all pop on impact, that hurt a bit! I'll definitely fill them more next time!). 

For those who wondered, like myself, we all know balloons aren't the most environmentally friendly; so I was happy to read that Zuru have made their self sealing water balloons biodegradable. As keen crafters and upcyclers we are bound to find some use for the ties too so they won't go in the bin. 

ZuruToys are running a giveaway which can be found on the back of their balloon packs, each special pack contains a prize balloon which reveals whether you have won a prize when you wet it. From a holiday and a car, there are 125,000 instant win prizes to be nabbed as well.

Cupcake Mumma has been lucky enough to give our readers the chance to win 1 filler/soaker pack with self sealing water balloons to add some fun to your summer this year! 

There are many other additions to the range so do check them out and if you enter our giveaway, goodluck! If you can't wait, you can purchase Zuru Bunch of Balloons filler/soaker from UK stores now and online at Amazon for around £25

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